• Drive Up: Identify where the hosts are going and why they are visiting the shelter. Tease story elements pertaining to the shelter needs.
  • Meet & Greet: Introduce the shelter representatives who tell their story of why they work in animal rescue and how they have been managing with their current residence.
  • Tour: Shelter representatives give the hosts a tour of the space and identify how the space could better serve the animals. Their “wish list” is stated. Pet expert host identifies that the shelter is in need of a business and marketing plan. Renovation expert host identifies potential physical makeover upgrades.
  • Meet the Adoptee Dog: Shelter rep identifies the “Hero Dog” whom host will ultimately find a home for with the right pet parent.
  • Tailgate Moment: Hosts brainstorm their design plan and business model plan to boost the rescue’s efforts to comfortably house and care for their rescue pets, as well as increase community awareness and adoption outreach. The pet expert host also vows to find “Hero Dog” a home.


  • The Design Plan: The renovation expert host teases his design plan for the shelter.
  • The Business Plan: The pet expert host teases how his business plan will increase adoptions/increase awareness of the shelter to the community, and states his mission to find the “Hero Dog” a good home.
  • The Splash Moment: The pet expert host bonds with the “Hero Dog” in a scenario, i.e. Playing in a pool, going for a walk, bonding over teaching tricks. This moment fuels the host to doing whatever he can to find the right family for the “Hero Dog.”


  • Implementing the Business Plan: The pet expert host implements his plan to help put the rescue/shelter on the map and gain momentum to encourage adoptions/publicity.
  • Implementing the Design Plan: The renovation expert host implements his build plans that will be a solution to the physical challenges facing the shelter representatives.
  • Meeting the Adopting Family: The pet expert host identifies a potential family to adopt the “Hero Dog.”


  • Finishing Touches: The hosts race to the finish line to complete the space.
  • The Reveal: The hosts reveal their finishing design and business plans.
  • The Food Gifting: The hosts surprise the shelter representatives with a year’s supply of DOGSFOOD™ to aid the shelter with pet food needs and budget deficits.
  • Adoption Reveal: The pet expert host introduces the potential Adopting Family to the shelter. After a short Q&A session, the shelter gives the family their consent to adopt the “Hero Dog.” Mission accomplished!


  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? by PetSmart: The pet expert host catches up with the “Hero Dog” and the Adoptive Family to learn how family life has been since the adoption. Accompanied by action photos and video.