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 Save our shelter Asset Guidelines & Network Approval


For additional requests or inquiries, please email 

Network approval guidelines

GUIDELINES FOR use of ALL Save our shelter assets (logos, names, photos, clips, etc.)

As a partner, you have the opportunity to use the show assets in your cross promotional marketing across all channels as long as it is driving show tune in and website promotion, and is fully approved. 

Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. All uses of any Save our Shelter assets must be reviewed and approved by the Network(CW) and SOS. Approvals can take 3-5 days.  
  2. Please fill out the "Approval Request Form" to submit all cross promotional materials for approval. Please click here to access the sheet:
    1. Let us know if there are any other Save our Shelter photos, videos, or assets your brand teams might need. Remember, we can also create custom assets for you. Send any requests using the Custom Asset Request Form or any additional questions to

This applies to all usages of Save our Shelter assets - public external marketing and any internal trade materials (trade publications, trade shows, employee programs, corporate presentations, etc.). 

No episodic materials can be released prior to that episode's first air date. Your brand assets will be organized by episode number on your main dashboard site. 

Below is required around all usages of SOS assets. Your teams may take creative license around placement, as long as it is legible and integrated into the creative (e.g. cannot be in a disclaimer):

  • "Tune in to Save our Shelter by DOG for DOG, Saturdays on the CW. Check your local listings. To live the #RescueLife, go to" NOTE: "check your local listings" can be in a smaller font, if preferred. 

  • Please include Social Media Handles to help us all celebrate pet adoption, as well as the hashtag for Season 2: #RescueLife

  • For all posts please include Save our Shelter handles and hashtag #RescueLife. 

  • If applicable, please use the word "Partner" Not "Sponsor".

  • For photo and video usage, please credit: "Courtesy of Save our Shelter".

There are many ways you can use these assets. Here are some thought-starters:

  • On-pack - examples to come

  • In-store promotions (endcaps, floor shippers, aisle signage, window clings, POP and POS displays, etc.) - examples to come

  • Digital (brand websites, media banners, pre-roll, circulars, newsletters) - examples to come

  • In Press

  • Social Media Campaigns 

  • Employee programs

  • Marketing (billboards, radio spots, TV, print, ads, out of home, etc.)

  • In-Store Radio/TV Spots, Banners, Merchandise Displays, In-Store TV spots, etc.

  • etc.

  • Refer to "Show Assets" for show assets (logo with tune in, etc) you can use.

Press release template and guidelines

Please include the below Save our Shelter and Populus boilerplates in any press releases around the show. 

About Save our Shelter
"SAVE OUR SHELTER by DOG for DOG," a series from Populus Brands and Heart United in its second season which premiered on Oct. 1, 2016, set to air on Saturday’s through September 2017 on The CW network. The 17-episode series, follows entrepreneur, philanthropist and pet expert, Rocky Kanaka, along with his team of specialists as they hit the road to help breathe new life into animal shelter facilities across North America. Each episode follows Rocky as he engages the local community to get involved by recruiting volunteers, contractors, industry experts, social media influencers and celebrities to revitalize rescues and get more pets adopted. Each episode culminates in a big makeover reveal as one lucky pet find their forever home. The series educates audiences on pet-related topics and inspires communities across the US and Canada to come together to get involved in the Rescue Life by adopting, volunteering or donating. In collaboration with companies on a similar mission like PetSmart Charities, PetSmart, Bissell, Bissell Pet Foundation, Found Animals, Craftsman and DOG for DOG, a company whose mission is to feed dogs in rescues and shelters by donating food, pound for pound.

About Populus Brands
Populus Brands is a first-of- its-kind branded-entertainment production studio and boutique marketing agency focused on building Content IP Brands distributed across many platforms and retail simultaneously. With a unique methodology that merges storytelling with content marketing, production efficiencies, and business development, Populus Brands has partnered with celebrities, producers, content distribution platforms, and brands that include CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, CNBC, Discovery Communications, Critical Content, Lionsgate, all3media, Trusted Media Brands, HarperCollins, and Nutrisystem.


Press Release Template - COMING SOON

Network approval process

What We Need From You For Approval

  1. Creative or graphic mockups
  2. Where this will be distributed (ie. In-store, on-pack, Twitter, Youtube, etc)
  3. Reach of the promotion (impressions, # followers, subscribers, etc)
  4. Usage Flight Schedule (dates & how long it'll be up and live) 
  5. Please credit any use of show photos with "Courtesy of Save our Shelter."


Custom video/photo assets can be created with the Save our Shelter creative and production team, and Rocky and his team of experts. Please provide us with any information on the "Asset Request Form" and we will reach out to further discuss. 

Rocky can also create a Vlog (custom video) for your purposes. 

Press or talent Interview Request

Please direct interview requests to