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We're on a mission to save shelters and pets' lives through promoting animal adoption. Please find all the show information below. For additional requests or inquiries, please email

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Webstore Affiliate Partnerships

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Other Digital Promotion Opportunities

Red Carpet Premiere Party


Cross promotions & NETWORK APPROVAL Guidelines

GUIDELINES FOR Using Photos and Clips of your Brand Integration 

Once we have these approved, we will send you an invitation to photo folders for you to download and get approved by the network. You may use for cross promotions and social media. No photos can be released prior to your air date. If you participated with multiple episodes, your folders will be organized by Episode number. Let us know if there are any other photos you are looking for.

CW and Litton must approve all photos being used and please include:

  • For all posts, make sure you include "Tune in to help Save Our Shelter. To help us save shelters and save lives, go to"

  • Tune In message: "You can watch our show on The CW, check your local listings and DVR the show if you'd like. Then, you can watch us anytime." 

  • Mention Rocky's site "Get involved with Rocky to ...finding pet parents and forever homes and adoption..."

  • Photo Credit: "Courtesy of Save Our Shelter”


Additional Resources and Notes:

  • Please use "Partner" Not "Sponsor"
  • Refer to "Approved Assets" for show assets (logo with tune in, etc) you can use
  • No photos may be posted anywhere until the episode they pertain to has aired. Refer to "air dates" section
  • No disclosure of what exactly you provided prior to airing of the episode 
  • No photos with talent without prior approvals, see "Host Photos" for approved images
  • Make sure to get me your signed agreement, your logo no smaller than 400x400, your url and social handles if you have not already done so. No in show or exposure without a signed agreement.
  • Season Premieres on the CW on October 3rd, 2015.

Ways you can use these assets

  • Other uses here. 


As a preferred partner, you have the opportunity to use the show assets in your cross promotional marketing as long as it is driving show tune in and is approved by the network. 

Please read the following instructions carefully. All cross promotions around the show must be reviewed and approved by the network and production team. Approvals can take up to 3-5 days.  Please fill out the "Approval Request Form" to submit all cross promotional materials for approval. Send any additional questions to


What We Need From You For Approval

  1. Creative or graphic mockups
  2. Where this will be distributed (ie. Twitter, Youtube, etc)
  3. Reach of the platform (# followers, subscribers, etc)
  4. Posting Flight Schedule (dates & how long it'll be up and live) 
  5. Please credit any use of show photos with "Courtesy of Save Our Shelter."









Custom video/photo assets can be created with the SOS creative and production team, and Rocky and his team of experts. Please provide us with any information on the "Asset Request Form" and we will reach out to further discuss. 

Rocky can also create a Vlog (custom video) for your purposes. 








On-Pack or In-Store Promotions

Must drive show tune in and pre-approved by the network. This would further expand and amplify any value for your brand on air as well as create deeper connectivity and activation at Point of Sale amplifying the gratis license of the show IP and assets that come with the show partnership. Another great thing about show is that it is 52 weeks a year so you can leverage the show’s brand equity all year. Can include In-Store Radio Spots, End Caps, Banners, Merchandise Displays, In-Store TV spots, etc


Interview Requests

Please direct interview requests to



Please refer to the Canada Guidelines & Assets page for more information.




Webstore Affiliate Partnerships

Viewing Parties

Other Digital Promotion Opportunities

Red Carpet Premiere Party