Social Handles

Social Media Guidelines

For all posts, make sure you include "Tune in to help Save Our Shelter.” Every social post should include link back to the show or a call to action.

  • Use our call to action: Join the Mission and Help Save Our Shelter by visiting
  • For all Facebook posts: Tag @Save Our Shelter
  • For all Twitter posts: Tag @SaveOurShelter and add the hashtag #saveourshelter
  • For all Instagram posts: Mention @SaveOurShelter and add the hashtag #saveourshelter
  • For all SnapChat Accounts: Tag @SaveOurShelter


Show Live Accounts

Show’s Live Accounts: If you haven’t already, please send us all social accounts, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, etc. and also add the show. Live Show Accounts below: 


One Magnificent Morning Show Tune Ins

The updated schedule feature including will go live on Monday, 9/28. Before the premiere on 10/3, please include links back to the time block. Below is relevant information:


Episode Specific Hashtags

104: Please include tune in messaging ("Check local listings") and hashtag #SaveAMutt