Populus Brands is a first-of-its-kind branded entertainment and business development company rooted in storytelling across every platform. We synchronize the power of content by forging partnerships between content creators, sponsors, licensees, marketers, retailers, and venture capitalists.

We capture the audience like never before.

Chad Bennett
Founder & CEO

Chad Bennett has produced over 700 hours of network, cable and digital programming. He has launched more than 1,000 product SKUs and brand extensions, driving more than $1 billion in consumer spending. He has sold and executed hundreds of television and digital integrations driving millions in revenue and he has created marketing extensions that have delivered billions of impressions.


"We take pride in asking the right questions. We leap at the chance to explore unique ideas and innovative partnerships. We love to play connect the dots. We thrive when we can foster an environment of collaboration with experts in different yet complimentary industries. Most importantly, we strive for high impact marketing impressions, dynamic connectivity and immediate consumer spending driven by content and the emotionally connectivity of the audience.”

- Chad Bennett