About Populus Brands

Populus Brands is a first-of-its-kind marketing, brand-building and strategic business development company that is synchronizing the unbelievable power of forward thinking content creation. Here, we forge bespoke partnerships between content creators, sponsors, licensors, manufacturers, retailers, marketers, venture capital and companies across diverse businesses. Everyday we continue to drive results by reinventing, magnifying and strengthening brand value and brand equity surrounding any product or service. Ultimately, we drive revenue and retail sales for our clients.

By utilizing our proven and paradigm shifting methodology, we map a course that intersects media and entertainment with consumer product marketing, development, manufacturing and innovation. In the ever-changing landscape of every business sector, this highly dynamic and refined process powered by story telling builds new and exciting lifestyle brands like never before.

We take pride in asking the right questions. We leap at the chance to explore unique ideas and innovative partnerships. We love to play connect the dots. We thrive when we can foster an environment of collaboration with experts in different yet complimentary industries. Most importantly, we strive for high impact marketing impressions, dynamic connectivity and immediate consumer spending around intellectual property, content, brands, products and services.

For more information, visit populusbrands.com.